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Pictures!! Pictures!! Here are some pictures of our dives! Please feel free to upload your shots! Urban Dive 11-07-04. La Marbella and Hotel W. Dive from the port of Sant Feliu 11-06-19. Wreck "Boreas" Dive Playa del Carmen 11-12-06. Cenote Chac-Mool Dive Playa del Carmen... Read more
Dive Prices Dive Prices Prices Super Baptism Course baptism + photos 40 € All materials and equipment are included. Don't panic!! If you come along on the day and you change your mind... we will not charge you anything. This is not a business. We want you to come and see our... Read more
If you already have experience.. If you already have experience.. Perfect! We carry out more advanced dives for those who are familiar with diving (we adapt to your level and experience). Characteristics of the dive: Activity time is as long as you want it (normally tends to be between 40 - 45 minutes, but we can extend... Read more
Tailored Baptism Tailored Baptism What is a baptism? A baptism is a scuba dive initiation, undertaken with a scuba dive instructor. This is ideal for someone who is not familiar to the undersea world. Characteristics of our baptism Baptisms are usually very short (Most last only 20 to... Read more
Hello everyone!! Hello everyone!! We're Alex and Joan, and we are crazy about diving! The aim of our blog is to give you an insight into our world, and bring you closer to our amazing passion. We want to help you understand this great sport, as it has so much to show you! Diving allows... Read more

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